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28 aprilie 2015

To date, Phyt’s Organic Make-up is still considered a pioneer in the segment of organic make-up, with an almost complete range since only nail polishes are not available. “We just had to overcome a few difficulties with bright reds for the lips”, explains Logre, modestly.

And it was an immediate success, the line being acclaimed for its quality. “More and more professional make-up artists are looking for this type of product.” As a result: this start-up makes-up Marion Cotillard for her role in Les Petits Mouchoirs, Guillaume Canet’s film which was released late 2010.

Zero preservatives

A success which is probably due to a concern for quality and know-how developed for over 37 years.

At Jérodia there is no compromising on principles. Phyt’s Organic Make-up never use any preservatives, not even the ones authorized by Cosmébio. “They never used the exemption authorizing the use of ingredients containing low doses of preservatives”, explains Nathalie Mathan, in charge of the group’s communications.
This originality, which makes of Phyt’s Organic Make-up a exception in the world of cosmetics as much as one within Cosmébio is only possible thanks to a remarkable know-how in terms of stability and protection of formulas and the systematic use of packaging featuring a barrier effect.

Of course, environmental requirements extend beyond formulas, to also encompass packaging. Cosmébio specifications prohibits the use of packaging that would not be biodegradable or recyclable. A plastic such as SAN, which widely used in make-up and which is not 100% recyclable is automatically excluded. “It’s almost as complicated to manage as the formula itself”, emphasises Logre.

In-house products

With 200 employees in France and over 20 million euros in turnover, the group develops in its research centre and formulates in its own laboratories, the entire range of Phyt’s Organic Make-up cosmetic products. When Jérodia started in make-up, it installed its own production lines, including the purchase of loose and compact powder blenders. “Everything we sell, is made by us, there is not one single product which doesn’t come from our R&D centre.”

It is a way of being sure to stay in line with the quality and environmental specifications of the company. “Our manufacturing process is very stringent. For example, we never use chlorine to wash our machines. We also have a settling and filtration tank, thus we are sure that the water discharged into the environment is clean”.

This production capacity, Thierry Logre, obviously wanted to make it profitable by making it available for the many brands seeking to enter the market of natural and organic cosmetics in both skincare and make-up. Thus the Jérodia group created the Bio lines dermatocosmetics Gamarde , bio lines of Marionnaud and of Biguine, and that of the American brand L’Uvalla and also has clients in South Korea and Japan. Furthermore globalisation is today, the main objective of the group wishing to quickly achieve in Asia the same turnover it does in France.

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