Ganesha Caffe won the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor

The Best Coffee Shop in Bucharest

Ganesha Caffe is a coffee shop with history in the picturesque Bucharest, once called the little Paris. Since coffee is such an important part of our everyday life, coffee shops all over the world are in a constant battle to gain more visitors and good reviews. But what Ganesha Caffe has to offer is beyond the general opinion and this is why it is a unique cafe that everyone must try at least once.

TripAdvisor gives every year a Certificate of Excellence to those businesses who managed to have great reviews and made their clients feel like home on their every visit. This certificate proves that the location is worth trying and it is a great tool to use for tourists who may be for the first time in town and they’re looking for a coffee shop to try in Bucharest.

“It is a great opportunity for us to be recognized by TripAdvisor because there are the best hotels and restaurants all over the world. We are already overwhelmed by the proclamation of best shisha in town, but having a Certificate of Excellence is a step forward for us in order to attract more tourist because Bucharest is a great city to visit and we are happy that we can help the expansion of tourism for it.” declared a representative of Ganesha Caffe.

Certificate of Excellence

The idea of awarding the hospitality business on TripAdvisor started back in 2011. Since there are a lot of locations where the services are great every time, people need to know how to find them faster, to have the greatest experience when they decide to become tourist, or just for trying something new. Statistically, approximately 10% of business registered to TripAdvisor have this certificate, which is not an easy award to give. But Ganesha Caffe, known for the best coffee shop and shisha in Bucharest won the prestigious certificate of Excellence.

The Certificate is given to those businesses who receive constant good reviews because this is practically how TripAdvisor works. People are encouraged to leave honest reviews, so the next visitors will know what to expect when they enter a coffee shop, a hotel, a museum, or even a specific restaurant.

Ganesha Caffe – unique atmosphere and menu

Ganesha Caffe is a must-try experience in Bucharest because it is known that it serves the best shisha in town. The atmosphere is inspired by the Oriental culture and every little detail starting from how the menu looks to the furniture is showing the beautiful story of Indian culture. Once you enter this magical place you will get into the atmosphere and you will be absorbed by the carefully painted windows and the high-quality elements of decoration that will make the experience even more unique.

About Ganesha Caffe

Ganesha Caffe is the perfect place for those who want to experience a quality coffee or try the best shisha in town. It is located on 71 Barbu Vacarescu Street, District 2 in Bucharest and it is open from Monday to Saturday.

Phone: +40764263742